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Rock'n'Roll French Bitch

This first work was titled Rock'n'Roll French Bitch. Influences were from surf music, punk and power pop. The sound was more in tune with the alternative scenes of bigger cities, like Campinas. The EP consists of four songs. Heading to the Ocean was the flagship and favorite of the public, with its structure and surf theme mixed with the punk sound. Am I the Only One? has a strong influence from Weezer, who at the time was still a little known band in Brazil. They completed the EP with Gimme Something and She's a Bitch. Despite not being audacious, the work had an interesting mix of influences and hinted at the eclecticism that would come from this band from the interior of São Paulo, with lyrics in English and a French name.


Title: Rock'n'Roll French Bitch

Launch: december 2003

Recordings: November and December 2003 - Estúdio Versátil

Les Fleurs du Mal:

Reginaldo Maciel - vocals and guitars

André Fujiwara - guitars and backing vocals

Richard Kraus - keyboards and backing vocals

Magrão (Alessandro Dangelo) - drums

Osterval Filho - bass


1 - Heading to the Ocean (André Fujiwara)

2 - Gimme Something (André Fujiwara)

3 - She's a Bitch (André Fujiwara)

4 - Am I the Only One? (Andre Fujiwara)

Cover and booklet: Andre Fujiwara

Poem: Michele Leardini

Eduardo left Les Fleurs, being replaced by Cleber. This beginning was troubled, but also important. After a period where the band was only dedicated to covers, there was another change of drummer. The new member was Magrão. It was also at this time that Richard joined the band, brought in by Osterval.

Now with a keyboard player, Les Fleurs felt more comfortable to expand their sound. All members brought influences that were dormant. However, after a period, Osterval left the band and the new bass player was André's brother-in-law, Sinuê. With these constant changes in personnel, the band ended up leaving aside the work with their own songs.


In spite of this initial work the band had difficulties to maintain themselves and, to continue playing, they turned to covers again. At this time, the repertoire included songs from bands such as Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen, Drugstore, Pansy Division, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division and Depeche Mode, among others. Les Fleurs anticipated the revival of the 1980s by almost ten years. The only other original song from that period was a song related to the 2004 American election that had as a chorus the verse “Bush I wanna do to you what Monica did to Clinton” , where the band's sense of humour was more evident than usual.

Les Fleurs du Mal thanks:

Pollyana, André, Andrei, Michele, Silvana, Rose, Fernanda, Flávia, André, Alkalinos, Authopsia, Zhen Brasil, Empório do Chopp, Versátil, Crane, Massami, Junião and Juliane, Wagner and Adriana, Fabiano, Levi, Jacaré, OCA , Hélio and Zeza, Sinuê, Ponto G, Jelly and Silvia, Pierre and Vanessa, Dú and Rafa, Joe Banana, Bacana, Alida, Pamela and Cassiano, Gi and Junior, Dú Caralho, Osterval and Cida, Del and Vivi, Roger and Jaqueline, Adolfo, Dona Dora, Uncle Breáco, Sugar Drive, Brian Wilson, Billy and Barco Drunk.

Everything exists because music once existed

As being,

As form,

As hysteria,

No matter how


There have always been flowers

To beautify life,

To grace death,

To unite and disunite,

To wound,

To wither

There was always evil

To punish,

To justice,

To alleviate,

To love

There has always been man

To create,

To copy,

To destroy,

To love men

        and to love women

                and to procreate,

It does not matter

There was always woman

To harmonize,

To color,

To appreciate,

To sensitize,

To touch

There was always love

To share, explore, enjoy

And there was always the pain to inspire, just like Beaudelaire in Les Fleurs du Mal

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