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The new EP from Les Fleurs (du Mal) features three re-recordings, all songs that metamorphosed in rehearsals and live shows. “We wanted to record some songs that have changed over time. We ended up closing on those”, says Reginaldo Maciel, vocalist and guitarist. The songs are: Bad Karma, The guys in the band and Skeletown. “These re-recordings would be part of No Happy Ends (2021). We even worked on that with Niltão”, recalls guitarist André Fujiwara. 


Title: Revisited

Release: 12/10/2022

recordings: independent

Les Fleurs du Mal:

Reginaldo Maciel - vocals, guitars and backing vocals

André Fujiwara - vocals, guitars, bass and backing vocals

Richard Kraus - vocals, keyboards and backing vocals

Rafael Presotto - drums and backing vocals

Andrézinho - bass


1 - Bad Karma - Revisited (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

2 - The Guys in the Band - Revisited (R. Kraus)

3 - Skeletown - Revisited (R. Kraus)

Cover: André Fujiwara

Of the three songs that make up the EP, Bad Karma is the one that has changed the most. A slow minor Blues in the original version, in the shows it became a roadside Rock'n'Roll. The lyrics are by the poet Mateus Machado from Itatiba and were created around a chorus by guitarist André Fujiwara. The new version works great in a moving car. 


The guys in the band is one of the trippy ones that are always in the repertoire. In the shows, it was formatted and became more organic. The original version, still with electronic drums, is basically a demo. The sixties Psychedelic climate contrasts with the gloomy lyrics. Psychedelic-goth?


Skeletown is the Halloween hit by Les Fleurs (du Mal). This is actually the third version of this song. In addition to the one on the album Dancing on the Bottleneck (2005), there is another one that was used in the 2016 music video. (check it out on here)

2021-07-25 disclosure (124)_edited.jpg

Raphael, Andrew,

Richard, Andrezinho and

Reginaldo. Les Fleurs (du Mal) - session

of photos for disclosure 07/25/2021 

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