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Dancing on the Bottleneck (2005)

Dancing on the Bottleneck is a collection of songs, some new, some old. if Pandora, even with the different influences, had a unity mainly due to the poems of Mateus, Dancing is a patchwork quilt.


Title: Dancing on the Bottleneck

Release: 2005

Recordings: Estúdio Versátil/independent

Les Fleurs du Mal:

Reginaldo Maciel - vocals and guitars

André Fujiwara - vocals and guitars

Richard Kraus - vocals and keyboards


1 - Dancing on the Bottleneck (A. Fujiwara)

2 - Poor Bitch, Poor Lady (R. Kraus)

3 - Bad Karma (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

4 - Hunger (A. Fujiwara)

5 - The Guys in the Band (R. Kraus)

6 - Anytime That You Want Me (A. Fujiwara)

7 - Skeletown (R. Kraus)

8 -Surfin' and Destroy (A. Fujiwara)

9 - Skeletown - movie remix (R. Kraus)

Front cover e artAndré Fujiwara

Special participations:

Nilton Raganin - bass

Renato Trevisone - drums

Flávio Periotto - voice in Anytime That You Want Me

Sinuê - guitar solo in Skeletown

Ricardo 'Cabeça' - backing vocals on Skeletown and Anytime That You Want Me

In the middle of recording Pandora's Pussy André decides to go to Japan. The band proposes to record new material before the guitarist's trip, scheduled for mid-2005, the band decides to record new material. For this purpose, Nilton Reganin and Renato Trevisone, bassist and drummer of Barco Bêbado, a band whose vocalist is poet Mateus Machado, are summoned.


The album was titled Dancing on the Bottleneck. The songs were rehearsed and the basis for the recordings took place at the Versátil studio in Itatiba. On top of this base, which consisted of bass, drums and guitar, the other instruments and voices were added during recordings at André's house. This preference for home recordings brought Les Fleurs close to a little-known movement in Brazil, the lo-fi, which brings together bands like The Apples in Stereo, The Beta Band, Neutral Milk Hotel and Sebadoh, among others.

Once again, Les Fleurs sought the participation of friends from the Itatiba scene. Bad Karma features a partnership between André and Mateus Machado in the lyrics, Sinuê recorded the guitar solo by Skeletown and Flávio Prezotto, from the band Aeroplane, performed the vocals for Anytime That You Want Me. Some copies were made and sold to fans and friends , with cover by André Fujiwara. The booklet had the lyrics of the songs, André's drawings and photos from the recordings. André went to Japan and the band ended its activities.


To all who were and are part of Les Fleurs du Mal or who were participating at some point: André, Reginaldo, Richard, Sinuê, Dú, David, Deivid, Cléber, Magrão, Osterval, Gava, Mardegan, Diego Machado, Arnaldo, Mateus , Gisele, Rodgerson, Bill, Ricardo (Head), Nilton, Renato, Fábio and Flávio.

Inspiring Muses: Pollyana and Rose

Friends: Michele, Magali, Lú, Juan, Pierre, Jelly and Silvia, Du and Rafa, Du (Vineyard), Tervas and Silvana, Paulo, Vinícius, Adolfo, Hélio and Zeza, Pamela, Cassiano, Yohan, Pietra, André and Andrei , Tertulio, Ivan, Brother, Hugo, Fábio (Zhen), Marquinhos, Mateus and Ivone, Vanessa and Fábio and everyone from Oca, the Conchinhas, Bacana and Manú, Uncle Breáco, Jacaré, Rafael and Flávia, Fernanda, Roberta, Andrézinho , Diogo, Débora, Ana, Junião and Juliane, Walmir, Wagnão, Wagnão and Adriana, Grow, Rogério, Mayra, Bruna, Tamiê, Renata, Tayguara, Rodrigo and Andressa, Fabião (from Bhar) and family, Ricardo and Renata (SP ), Simone and Etcetera, Empório do Chopp, Épocca, Café 90, 90 Graus, Bhar, Altas Horas, Mondo 77, Bar do Bozó, Coliseu, CRN, TV Itatiba, NJ and Municipal Library.

Bands: Alkalinos, Airplane, Donnadora, Authopsia, Superdrive, Flirt, Joe Banana, Rat Leather, Nightcats, Black Shirt Society, Appocalipse Cry, Fuck the System and Os Miseráveis.

Tracks 1, 4, 6 and 8 by André Luis Fujiwara

Tracks 2, 5 and 7 by Richard Kraus

Track 3 by Les Fleurs du Mal, lyrics by Mateus Machado

Vocals on Anytime That You Want Me - Flávio

Guitar solo in Skeletown - Sinuê

Participation in Skeletown and Anytime That You Want Me - Ricardo (Cabe)

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