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Les Fleurs in pictures


New: Bad Karma Revisited
Bad Karma Revisited (2022) is a lyric video produced by Motim Underground, a very cool cultural collective. The song is part of the EP Revisited
MiniDoc - No Happy Ends
Discover the story behind the release of the EP No Happy Ends. In the first part Les Fleurs (du Mal) talks about their creation process, the relationship between the band's history and the choices that led to this project, highlighting the work's first single and one of the favorites in the band's repertoire: Rainy Beach.
Live: our stuff and covers
Highlight: Goth is definitely the new black. Among the beauties of sound presented to the new generations in the Wednesday series is Paint it, Black by the Rolling Stones in a solo instrumental version on cello The original by the Stones is from 1966, but in 2013 Les Fleurs (du Mal) played it at Bar do Celso (temple of the Itatiba Underground).
Les Fleurs by Polly Fujiwara
Check out the coolest images of Les Fleurs (du Mal) through the lens of photographer Polly Fujiwara. 
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