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Pandora's Demo (2004)

Lyrics based on poems by Mateus Machado

Based on a work by the poet Mateus Melo Machado from Itatiba, the second album from Les Fleurs (du Mal) brought together several influences in a chaotic kaleidoscope. Imagination was only curbed by technical limitations. It originally only existed in a few copies held by fans.


Title: Pandora's Demo

Released: 2004

Recordings: independent

Les Fleurs du Mal:

Reginaldo Maciel - vocals, guitars and backing vocals

André Fujiwara - vocals, guitars, bass and programming

Richard Kraus - vocals, keyboards and programming


1 - In Memoriam (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

2 - Caprice (M. Machado, A. Fujiwara and R. Maciel)

3 - The Last Temptation (M. Machado, A. Fujiwara, R. Maciel and D. Mardegan)

4 - Bright Nights (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

5 - Cursed Diamond (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

6 - The Last Tango for Orpheus and Euridice (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

7 - Gift (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

8 -Florbela Requiem (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

9 - The Anti-Aedipus (M. Machado and R. Kraus)

10 - Pandora's Pussy (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

11 - Where Has Hope Gone? (M. Machado and A. Fujiwara)

Cover: Andre Fujiwara

Special participations:

Gi Nunes - vocals on Where has hope gone?

In 2004 André, Reginaldo and Richard found themselves without a bassist or a drummer and with a large amount of their own material. Richard had several unused compositions that had been piling up. The same was true of Andre. Still, the band decided to start a new project.

Richard, Reginaldo and André (in the background Magrão), Les Fleurs at OCA's Zero Hunger - NGO Cultura e Atitude. At that time, Osterval was the bass player.

During this period André was reading an unpublished work by the Itatibense poet Mateus Machado: A Boceta de Pandora. The idea of turning some of these poems into songs came up. Soon the writing and recording work began. André composed most of the songs. In some of them, Reginaldo collaborated and in one of them the duo gained the help of Diego Mardegam, from the Itatibense band Alkalinos, in which Reginaldo participated for some years. Richard was responsible for the song Anti Aedipus, which indicated the paths that the band would take.

Mateus Machado and his Exhibition of Shit in OCA's Arte no Sábado - Ong Cultura e Attitude - 02/08/2003

The drum parts were all sequenced on a computer and the recordings were made at André's house. The band felt free to explore sounds and styles. Considered a work of progressive rock by the public, Pandora's Demo  brings together diverse influences. Echoes of Lou Reed, Renaissance music, new wave, electronic, punkProcol HarumMarvin Gaye, Pink FloydBrian Wilson and others emerge throughout the work. The album consists of eleven tracks and closes with a participation of the singer Gisele Nunes, from the duo Ponto G and who would be one of the founders of the band  A Namoradeira in the future. At the time the group discussed some graphic ideas for a release of the project. Unfortunately the thing did not go ahead and for a long time this work existed in a few copies in possession of friends and fans of the band.

Ponto G du Mal: Gisele, Gava, Reginaldo and André. - 27/08/2003

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