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In 2002 André formed Les Fleurs (du Mal) with Reginaldo Maciel, a former student with whom he had already rehearsed some songs. Reginaldo had started a band with Eduardo (drums) and Deivid (bass). André took over the guitars, according to him because the guitarists always wanted to play the same thing. Reginaldo was a vocalist and guitarist. Deivid soon abandoned the project, being replaced by Osterval, brother of Eduardo from Authopsia and companion of Richard in Rico Alento Blues Band.


André, Reginaldo, Osterval and Eduardo played unusual covers on the circuit of bars in Itatiba. The band was a frequent presence at the OCA – Ong Cultura e Atitude. Soon the group turned to their own compositions.

Rock'n'Roll French Bitch - 2003

Pandora's Demo - 2004

Dancing on the Bottleneck - 2005

In mid-2010 André returned from Japan and the trio reunited. With several new equipment André, Reginaldo and Richard decide to use electronic drums and sequencers. After several new name suggestions for the band, the trio decided to keep Les Fleurs, without du Mal. The band has always been called that by the public. The members joke that since they didn't have any more drummers they had gotten rid of Mal (evil). The band starts to work with some new ideas, but to return to the Itatibense scene, it decides to put together a new set of covers. With the city's bands reproducing virtually all of Les Fleurs' previous cover repertoire, the band assembles a new set list that includes Kraftwerk, The Buggles, Tears for Fears, Sisters of Mercy, Kinks and others. The original work  is forgotten. The band plays some shows in 2011.

Pandora's Pussy - 2012

No Happy Ends - 2021

Revisited - 2022

Revisited - 2022

Lançamento 02/02/2024

The first bloom: 2003-2005

The second bloom: 2010-

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