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New single wins award and brings news


The band's first song in Portuguese, Nu won the award for best

lyrics at the 12th Morungaba Music Festival. “It was confirmation that

There was something special there. This recognition made us very happy,”

comments guitarist André Fujiwara, author of the song. 

Nu brings together literary influences, dreamlike scenarios, gothic shadows, metaphysical digressions… in other words, chaos transformed into music. All of this framed in an arrangement that exudes sadness, pain and beauty. The song is part of a set of new songs that were being formatted and tested at shows during 2023 and which should become an album. “We are always composing and inventing things. Some succeed, others don't. But over the past year we managed to gather around eight that have evolved and are in the finalization phase”, explains Richard, keyboardist and composer.


It is the first time in the band's more than 20 years that Les Fleurs (du Mal) records in Portuguese. “The idea predates the festival. The Portuguese version already existed, we just needed to make a demo to enter it in the festival”, says André. Exploring other languages is not exactly new to the band, who have also played covers in French. “Each language has its own musicality, thus making it possible to explore other paths”, comments vocalist and guitarist Reginaldo Maciel.

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